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RESTORE: sleep better for life

The Restore programme is built on holistic principles and approaches the issue of sleep from a 'whole life' perspective. The programme follows a mind/body approach to support you through the process via:

  • A series of data gathering and analysis exercises to help you identify environmental, habitual and behavioural factors that may be contributing to poor sleep
  • Coaching support to help you change these patterns and create sleep routines and strategies that you can use for the rest of your life
  • Regular reflexology treatments to aid the recalibration of your body's systems, calm your mind and restore a state of inner balance which physiologically supports better sleep. 

Programme Structure & Format

The programme is designed to take place over an 8 week period. The first half of the programme focuses on data gathering and pattern identification. The second half focuses on creating tactics, strategies and plans to help you sleep better for life.
The 6 face to face sessions consist of one, two hour block: half coaching and discussion, half reflexology. In addition, you will be given data recording exercises to complete in between sessions. This is essential to the programme as it is through the systematic analysis of this information that we will uncover the factors that are contributing to poor sleep AND be able to create tactics in response.

The 2 follow up Skype coaching sessions provide ongoing support as you implement the actions identified in the programme.

Core Restore Programme includes:

  • 6 coaching and reflexology treatments – 2 hours once a week for 6 weeks
  • 2 follow-up Skype coaching sessions
  • Written summary and feedback at end of core programme

Free Consultation

If you'd like more information or to discuss your needs in more depth, please contact me for a free consultation.


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I really enjoyed my sessions with Tricia and they have positively impacted my sleep. Following Tricia’s guidance I have changed some of my behaviour which affected my sleeping and I often feel more rested and happier and more productive at work.

Gill, Mentor Coordinator, Auckland


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