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RELEASE: 6 simple steps to better manage stress

The Release programme uses a combination of education, coaching and reflexology to help you:

  • Better understand the impact of stress on your current and future health
  • Identify your personal stressors and typical pattern of response
  • Devise and implement personal strategies to avoid, minimise and manage stress
  • Experience what it feels like to 'turn off' the stress response through regular reflexology

Programme Structure & Format

The programme is designed to take place over an 8 week period and includes 6 face to face sessions and 2 follow up coaching sessions delivered via Skype. Each face to face session consists of one, two hour block - half coaching, half reflexology. In addition, you will be given exercises to complete in between sessions. This is essential to the programme as it is through the systematic analysis of this information that we will uncover how stress is negatively impacting your health and be able to devise response strategies that actually work for YOU!

Core Release Programme includes:

  • 6 coaching and reflexology treatments – 2 hours once a week for 6 weeks
  • 2 follow-up Skype coaching sessions
  • Written summary and feedback at end of core programme

Buy the book

The ebook Guide to Mastering Stress is based on the Release programme and is packed full of practical tips to help you understand and manage the impact of stress on your health and happiness. Combine with your favourite relaxation therapy and create your own version of the Release programme wherever you are in the world! Available on Amazon worldwide

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If you'd like more information or to discuss your needs in more depth, please contact me for a free consultation.

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Irrelevant of your stage of life, state of stress, and thoughts on stress itself – this program is invaluable. The insights gained will set you on a healthier, happier path in your everyday life. An all-round journey of physical, spiritual and emotional exploration in a very encouraging environment. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to find ways to live more actively in the moment, whilst learning how to manage what life has to throw at you.

Tania, Creative & Event Industry, London


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