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Reflexology is an ancient, natural therapy that works by putting your body into a deeply restorative state of relaxation. This prompts your body's own healing processes – triggering internal repair functions, restoring inner balance, replenishing energy levels and providing relief from a range of symptoms including: 

  • Helping to manage the physical and emotional effects of stress, anxiety, worry and depression
  • Impaired memory, difficulties with focus, thinking, attention span or concentration 
  • Tension related headaches, migraine, shoulder and back pain 
  • Digestive upsets such as bloating, IBS and constipation 
  • Insomnia and other forms of disturbed sleep 
  • Menstrual cramps, PMS and irregular periods 
  • Pregnancy related conditions such as fluid retention, aches and pains and digestive upsets 
  • Low immunity, lack of energy and jet lag 
  • Providing support through periods of short term trauma or grief
  • And to support the recovery process following a serious illness or surgery

I am experienced in working with clients living with a range of conditions and symptom patterns. If would like to discuss your situation I offer a free, no obligation consultation during which I will gain an in-depth understanding of your situation. Based on our discussion I will give you an honest appraisal as to whether I think I am the right therapist to help you or I can refer to you someone I think is better suited to your particular needs.

For answers to some FAQ and to learn more about what you can expect from a reflexology treatment Click here

Treatment Options & Prices

Prices for treatments vary depending on the country in which I am working at the time and whether there is an additonal transport cost. Please contact me if you would like to discuss having a treatment or course of treatments and I can give you the local price at that time.

Classic Foot Reflexology (60 minutes)

  • Relax, refresh, revive! Any time you feel the need.

Course of 6 Reflexology treatments (60 minutes per session)

  • Best suited to help manage the symptoms of long standing or chronic conditions 
  • Includes complementary follow-up (7th) session 

Reflexology & Reiki (90 minutes per session)

  • A deeper, more intense treatment experience combining reflexology with an energy based Reiki healing

First Session 

Please allow an extra 20 -30 minutes for an in-depth consultation in your first session. In this we will cover your presenting condition and health history and discuss what you are hoping to achieve from the treatment. This helps me to better plan your treatment and tailor any advice to suit your lifestyle. There is no additional charge for the consultation. 



In leading a particularly high stress lifestyle, I've found Tricia and her reflexology to be incredibly helpful to sustain the pace at which I live. Every time I'm passing through London, I will always check-in with Tricia. My body really notices it when I go without it. I would recommend Tricia's treatments to anyone who insists burning their candle at both ends.

Adam, Global Strategy Consultant

Tricia provided me with a course of reflexology treatments me in the late stages of my pregnancy. I found the treatments themselves to be wonderful and loved her holistic approach. She took the time to listen, question thoughtfully and then apply her invaluable expertise to suggest dietary changes or gentle products that could be used in pregnancy and would complement the effects of the treatment itself.

I always felt invigorated after the sessions and many pregnancy related (and non pregnancy!) health niggles disappeared. Tricia also gave me a course of birth 'induction' treatments in the two weeks before my due date and my little girl seemed to respond rather well, deciding to appear on my actual due date, something which is apparently very rare!

Anna, HR Manager, London



I had the pleasure to work with Tricia last year after surgery. Over 8 sessions Tricia was able to help support my immune system and help my body to recover. I found it very relaxing and I looked forward to our weekly sessions. I was always surprised by how on the mark Tricia was at detecting specific symptoms I had been experiencing each week.

This was my first course of reflexology and I found Tricia very warm, friendly and knowledgeable.  She was able to put me right at ease especially as I don’t like discussing or dealing with medical issues. I would have no hesitation to recommend her 

Bronwen, Banking Professional, London





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