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I'm a holistic natural therapist, coach and consultant with a passion for helping people enjoy better balance, happiness and fulfillment in life. Recently I returned to NZ after more than a decade abroad living in the Netherlands, US and the UK.

I began my professional life as a lecturer at the University of Auckland and then spent over 15 years working in the academic, consulting and corporate worlds; managing HR functions, coaching and developing future leaders and leading organisational change.

But in 2012 I decided I needed ‘something else’ and began training as a holistic health practitioner. I specialise in helping clients understand and manage the damaging efffects of stress and anxiety on their physical and mental health. While in London, I also worked as part of the therapy programme team at the Stress Project in North London helping to provide complementary therapies to those living with mental health conditions.

I also work as a Career and Life Coach and, as a Business Advisor for a Yoga Centre in the UK. To help create healthier workplaces, I offer a range of coaching and consultancy services to companies that want to adopt a more holistic approach to their HR, talent management, leadership and organisational development practices.

I write and speak on the topic of Work and Wellbeing, often with a global view that draws on my experience working in different countries. Most recently I spoke at the Time Matters conference in Seattle and my articles have been published in the HRINZ magazine (NZ) and, in various online forums including We Are The City (UK) and Take Back Your Time (US).

If you have more questions about what I do or how I could help you, please don't hestiate to drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via linked-infacebook or twitter.

 I hope to meet you soon,

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First and foremost Tricia is a wonderful genuine helpful and caring person. She has helped me diagnose and help with my (at that point) mysterious ailments which I was having no end of problems with western medicine getting any diagnosis for.

Over a period of 6 treatments I went from being in constant pain and being a bit sceptical of anything holistic (I’m just the opposite now thanks to Tricia) to now being free from my mystery ailments, feeling much more balanced and mindful of my health and questioning what else I need to complement my GP. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tricia and her considerable expertise.

Mike, IT Professional, London





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